Ms Benina Mkhonto (left) and colleagues at the
Africa Peacebuilding Institute.

Discipline of Biokinetics, Exercise and Leisure Sciences Academic Development Officer, Ms Benina Mkhonto, recently won one of two 2015 scholarships for South African candidates to attend training at the Africa Peacebuilding Institute (API).

Mkhonto was among 26 participants from about 10 countries selected for making a difference in their communities through peace and conflict resolution initiatives in different parts of the world.

They completed the course – covering four modules which groomed them for enhanced peace advocacy – organised by the Mennonite Central Committee in Collaboration with the St Augustine College of South Africa last month.

One of the modules, presented by Mr Kajungu Muturi of Tanzania, focused on Anabaptist Beliefs and Perspectives, while another on “African perspectives on conflict transformation” was led by Dr Jimmy Juma of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Mrs Sheila Wise Rowe of the United States presented a module on trauma awareness, healing and reconciliation, and Ms Pamela Hanchobezyi from Zambia presented on theory and practical introduction to peace clubs.

Mkhonto said: ‘I am so grateful to have been part of this amazing API Class of 2015.  One of the most humbling and exciting experiences was being chosen to be among the team leaders of the group. I scored an average mark of 82% in all the four modules.

‘I have made friends and learned different insightful things from everyone who attended,’ said Mkhonto. ‘We also went to the apartheid Museum, and visited Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s House in Soweto, the place where the freedom Charter was written, and the Carlton Centre Top of Africa.’

Mkhonto’s research interests at UKZN include academic monitoring and support, quality of service delivery, leisure services and management.

She believes life is a journey which should be lived “in harmony with oneself, others and the environment”. She loves to inspire others to reach their full potential.