Ms Upsana Singh.

The College of Law and Management Studies is exploring successful technology adoption as a cost effective and accessible tool for teaching and learning.  This follows School of Management, Information Technology and Governance Academic Ms Upsana Singh’s attendance at a Teaching and Learning Forum hosted by Protrain Strategic Business Solutions in Johannesburg recently. 

Singh was selected to attend by the College’s Dean of Teaching and Learning, Professor Kriben Pillay.  The forum which discussed global Trends for Mobile Learning created a platform for academic staff to present their research on how they have adopted electronic learning to enhance teaching and learning in their institutions.

Some of the tools discussed included  Massive Open Online Course (MOOCs), Open Educational Resources (OER), Learning Management System (LMS), Social Networking Tools, Web 2.0, Podcasts, Google Drive and Cloud Computing.

Singh said the presentations provided an insight into the pitfalls and constraints associated with the adoption of some of these technologies, which are unique to the South African environment. 

‘Based on what I have heard at the Forum I would like to investigate the applicability of some of the above tools – particularly those that have been successful at other SA Universities – in the various disciplines in our College.

‘Tools that have minimal financial implications, while at the same time are easily accessible to both academics and students, will form the foundation of the e-Learning drive for the College,’ she said.

Singh also highlighted that the key to successful technology adoption was that the “technology must support the pedagogy” and not vice-versa.  ‘Further institutional, management and academic support and interest are essential in ensuring that technology implementation is effective,’ she said.