UKZN students with SAXIT band members at
the workshop.

UKZN Music students attended a Music Education Workshop held by the saxophone quartet SAXIT at the Centre for Jazz and Popular Music.

The workshop, part of SAXIT’s first nation-wide tour, aimed to empower students with skills to develop their own careers and to master their instruments.

The tour was made possible by Concerts SA Mobility Fund and the SAMRO Foundation.

The students got the chance to play alongside the band while topics discussed at the workshop included practising techniques, repair and maintenance of equipment and literature for duos, trios, quartets and saxophone choirs.

First year Music student Mr Dimitri Barry said: ‘The workshop was really great especially working with other musicians and seeing their take on music routines and learning from them. It also allowed us to learn from our mistakes and become better musicians.’

Another student, Mr Siyabonga Mdletshe, said: ‘What stood out for me was that you have to have a passion for music and to continue to work hard at your craft to make it in the music industry. Attending workshops and symposiums like these help one develop as a musician.’

The students hope to attend more workshops and symposiums in the future to hone their skills as musicians, to network and boost their future careers.

Melissa Mungroo