LOW-COST-4D-VEHICLE-SIMULATORBahadur S, Chetty J, Jagot M  |  Prof G Bright/Mr H Gerken

Over 60% of road fatalities in South Africa involve drivers under the age of 25. This statistic highlights a need for a safer method for younger drivers to gain experience. To address this, a Low Cost 4D Vehicle Simulator was designed. The 4D simulator was based on an existing rally car simulator. It was found through testing that the simulator lacked modularity and sufficient 4D effects. Modifications were carried out to improve modularity, aiding in transportation and fabrication of the design, as well as provide a 4D experience for the driver. Kinematic & software systems were explored in the design to synchronise platform movement to improve realism. Safety features were added and modifications were made to improve comfort.

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