24 December 2020



Dear Students and Staff

Students are requested to take careful note of the following:

  • Only students who re-applied online in 2020 and registered for residence space will be allowed in the residences for the 2021 academic year, and in keeping with the dates and conditions spelt out below;
  • The residences will re-open on 4th January 2021 for identified Health Science students according to their College approved request in order to complete academic calendar for 2020;
  • The second group to return to campus will be students invited back by their Colleges to write examinations, on the 9th January 2021. Examinations are the exception and held in exceptional cases for certain modules with statutory requirements (for example). 
  • The students, after they have finished their exams in January, will have to vacate their residences on the 25th January 2021;
  • Postgraduate Research Masters and Doctoral students will be allowed back in residences on the 29th January 2021 once they have finalized academic and residence registration; 
  • Returning Medical Students 6th years, their residences will be opened on the 1st February 2021, and they will access residences once they have finalized registration for the residence.
  • Returning 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th years Medical school students residences will be open on the 12th February 2021, and they will access residences once they have finalized registration for the residence.
  • Returning undergraduate, and returning and first entry Honours, Postgraduate Diploma and Coursework Masters students will be allowed to move into residences on the 26th February 2021, only after having completed their academic and residence registration; 
  • First-year students will take occupation of their residences on the 19th March 2021 once they have completed their registration; 
  • No students will be allowed in residences without being registered academically and for residence. No registration processes are being offered on campus. All registration needs to take place online, from your remote location. Students will not be allowed onto campus to engage in any registration processes.

The Department of Student Residence Affairs would like to wish all the students well for the festive break. Enjoy time with your families and remember to stay safe.

Issued by                                                                                                             

Student Services Division