Radio and TV personality Ms Zanele Mbokazi is
seen motivating Social Work students from UKZN.

Radio and TV personality Ms Zanele Mbokazi encouraged Social Work students from UKZN’s College of Humanities to follow their dreams and pursue success – at a recent event  organised by the leadership of the UKZN Social Work Association (SWA).

Mbokazi shared some life lessons drawn from her own experiences and stories about her upbringing and her life as a student at UKZN 20 years ago.

Speaking to the students Zanele said, ‘You are on a race called life and you need to know the rules of the race in order to finish it. Make sure that preparation meets opportunity. Prepare by studying or doing something every day to get you closer to your goals and when that opportunity strikes, you will be prepared to make it happen.’

She also advised students to never be ashamed of where they had come from but to focus on the future. ‘Remember that “One Day” becomes a reality if you persevere. Have confidence to know where you are going and don’t take your studies for granted. Go back with your newly acquired skills and make a difference in your communities. Reach your destination. With God on your side, nothing is impossible.’