Mechanical Engineering summa cum laude 
graduate and Solar Car fundi, Ms Fathima Moosa,
with her family.

Ms Fathima Moosa says the hard work she put into her Mechanical Engineering degree resulted in her graduating summa cum laude – one of only two students in her class to do so.

A special moment in Moosa’s study was when she worked on UKZN’s Solar Car Project last year.  Moosa was involved in the structural analysis of the project, determining the most efficient way to construct the solar vehicle so that it would not fail during operation.

‘Unlike many of the final year mechanical engineering projects, ours was concerned only with design, not construction; that was left to the project students of 2014,’ said Moosa.  ‘The experience was both interesting and challenging, with much learned as well as much sleep lost!’

Moosa’s love of mathematics and science and her natural curiosity about how things work, led to her pursuing Mechanical Engineering as a career.  Currently employed at ArcelorMittal SA, she was fortunate enough to receive a bursary from the company to finance her undergraduate studies.  Her learning does not stop there, however, as she intends registering part-time for her Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Moosa’s role model is her mother who has motivated her to excel in her studies.  ‘Another reason for my interest in engineering is my perhaps somewhat idealistic notion that I can help make the world a better place to live in. Alternative energy as well as conservation of current energy resources, are something I am extremely passionate about and would like to further pursue,’ said Moosa.

The assumption that engineering is a male-dominated profession is one that Moosa wants to change. ‘I believe that there is a lot that women can contribute to this field given the chance. I would therefore like to promote engineering as a career among other young women wanting to make a difference.