From left: Dr Levashni Naidoo, Dr Chikeluba
Uzodike and Dr Saheed Jimoh.

UKZN’s College of Health Sciences recently held a congratulatory cocktail function in celebration of newly qualified Fellows in medical specialist fields.

At least 38 Registrars in training successfully passed the May examinations and obtained Fellowships in the specialist fields of Family MedicineRadio-oncologyAnaestheticsDermatologyAnatomical Pathology,Obstetrics and GynaecologyOphthalmologyOrthopaedic SurgeryPaediatricsChemical Pathology,UrologySurgery and General Physicians.

Dean of the School of Clinical Medicine, Professor Richard Hift, and Dean of Nursing and Public Health, Professor Busi Ncama, congratulated the doctors and encouraged them to study further while giving back to KwaZulu-Natal.

Both Deans encouraged the new specialists to remain in the public sector and explore the option of entering academia. Hift said he hoped to see them work on developing their postgraduate career with UKZN, while reminding them of the abundant research opportunities available within the institution and in the province.

The Deans assured the Fellows that UKZN was the best place to pursue PhD studies within their areas of specialisation due to the significant support and mentorship provided.

Anaesthetist Dr Mathew Gunning thanked the University on behalf of the graduates. ‘Now is a good time to reflect. I enjoyed the four years and the camaraderie of working with my colleagues. It got us through the difficult times.’

He encouraged all registrars to complete their master’s degree. ‘I was very fortunate that the University sent me to an international conference to present my masters paper.’

Gunning presented his paper titled: “Paramedic Rapid Sequence Intubation (RSI) in a South African Emergency Medical Service (EMS) is Effective, but is it Safe?”, during the London Trauma Conference in December 2012.

‘Traveling and working overseas was an excellent experience, but I encourage all my South African colleagues to return and share their new skills back home,’ said Gunning.

‘Words cannot describe this feeling – it’s like a whole new world awaits after a lot of hard work,’ said Wentworth Hospital’s Dr Saheed Jimoh, a Family Medicine Specialist.  Jimoh says his hard work paid off and his wife and child are happy he no longer has to spend nights at the library.

Ngwelezane Hospital’s Dr Chikeluba Uzodike, also a Family Medicine Specialist, said: ‘I am on top of the world.’

Uzudike added that his wife, who is also doing her Masters at UKZN, had been very supportive and they were looking forward to UKZN’s Graduation ceremony next year.