From left: Professor Gregory Kamwendo; Professor
Pholoho Morojele; Mr Christopher Mushohwe;
Professor Vitallis Chikoko and Dr Federrico Settler.

UKZN’s College of Humanities recently launched PhD cohorts in Zimbabwe and Swaziland as part of their efforts to ensure an increase in PhD graduates and to create mutual academic partnerships between UKZN, the Great Zimbabwe University (GZU) and Swaziland.

Four academics from UKZN – Professor Gregory Kamwendo, Professor Vitallis Chikoko, Professor Pholoho Morojele and Dr Federrico Settler – held the PhD cohort sessions in Harare and Masvingo with PhD candidates presenting their proposed topics.

Zimbabwean Minister responsible for the Presidential Scholarship Programme, Mr Christopher Mushohwe, addressed the cohort, urging students to take advantage of the PhD opportunity. He thanked UKZN for bringing the PhD programme to Zimbabwe. 

In Masvingo, one of the participants was the Masvingo Provincial Affairs Minister Mr Kudakwashe Bhasikiti who is preparing to pursue a PhD within Religion, Philosophy and Classics.

The PhD/M. Ed cohort was also launched at Ngwane College in Swaziland where PhD candidates were also given the opportunity to present their proposed topics and gain essential feedback on their research efforts.

The launch of the PhD cohorts was reported in the media in both Swaziland and Zimbabwe.

Dean and Head of UKZN’s School of Education Professor Gregory Kamwendo, said the support for the PhD cohort at government level and institutionally was positive. ‘More applications are coming in since the launch of the cohorts with some academics in Zimbabwe and Swaziland offering to be affiliated to UKZN so that they can be part of the cohort supervisory team. We are also processing the affiliation through honorary appointments.’

A Memorandum of Agreement exists between UKZN’s College of Humanities and the Great Zimbabwe University (GZU).