UKZN Graduate Hones Skills in the Petrol Manufacturing Industry

UKZN alumnus Mr Cameron Sookhoo.

School of Management, Information Technology and Governance (SMIG) alumni Mr Cameron Sookhoo paid tribute to UKZN’s Supply Chain Department for providing him with the inspiration, dedication and motivation needed to pursue his career with confidence.

Graduating with an Honours degree in Supply Chain Management, Sookhoo was selected in his final year to attend the 10th Annual African, American and European Summer School – a two-week study programme enabling students to engage with universities from other countries and broaden their horizons, among other advantages.

Sookhoo is currently employed in BP’s Graduate Programme in the Commercial Optimisation team working as a transport analyst where he is receiving a wealth of knowledge and skills in understanding how to schedule customers so that they receive fuel on time. He is also gaining an understanding on safety standards as well as being able to analyse huge amounts of data within the workplace.

‘Working life is very different to being on campus as it is set working times whereas campus was suited to your lecture timetable. This was an adjustment for me but an adjustment that I really do like,’ said Sookhoo. ‘Being employed by BP opened my eyes to the bigger world, it taught me to think bigger than myself and to always aim higher each time. There is no doubt in my mind that I want to make a successful career for myself at BP,’ he said.

Sookhoo said his supervisor and Supply Chain lecturer Dr Thokozani Mbhele was his biggest motivator, as well as his other lecturers in his Honours year, pushing him to perform at levels he didn’t think possible.

‘The various case studies discussed in class helped me to gain a greater understanding of how the theory we learn in class relates to the working world. Dr Mbhele’s supervision last year also cemented how interesting supply chain actually is and with his lectures the class always left knowing more than they did before they got there. There was never a dull moment in those lectures,’ he said.

Sookhoo plans to pursue a Masters in Supply Chain Management and once he has gained the experience and knowledge needed, he hopes to open up his own supply chain consulting business.

Words by: Sibonelo Shinga