Law academic Shannon Bosch was awarded a PhD.

The School of Law’s Academic Leader for Research and Higher Degrees Ms Shannon Bosch graduated with a doctoral degree in the male-dominated field of the Laws of War/International Humanitarian Law. 

Bosch’s thesis was titled: “The Combatant Status of Non-State Actors in International Armed Conflicts, in Light of the Notion of Direct Participation in Hostilities”. She sought to understand how one classifies persons such as child soldiers, voluntary human shields, journalists, relief workers and private security contractors within the legal framework of humanitarian law (IHL) which classifies all participants in armed conflict as either combatants or civilians which is a passion for Bosch.

‘I have always enjoyed the analytical aspect of law, especially unpacking and building logical arguments. My interest in laws of war/international humanitarian law was inspired by my lecturer at Cambridge University in England: Retired Colonel APV Rogers who taught me IHL and sparked my love for the law that applied in times of war,’ said Bosch.

It came as no surprise that Bosch has chosen to pursue a legal career as it runs in her wider family – Goodricke’s law firm, the oldest in Durban, was, she says, was founded by her great, great, great, great grandfather, who was the fifth mayor of Durban.

Bosch has earned her legal stripes beginning her studies at UKZN where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts summa cum laude, and then studied a joint Honours in both Philosophy and Political science and graduating cum laude. Completing her LLB she graduated as the Top Law student at UKZN with Jimmy Gorman and Connor memorial prizes.

She then interrupted serving her articles at Goodrickes attorneys to study for an LLM (International Law) at Cambridge on Mandela–Magdalene and Commonwealth DFID scholarships. 

‘It is an honour to graduate in this field – with my preference for academic research it was a wise choice to pursue a career in academia. I am looking forward to using the knowledge I gained from my PhD to grow into my role within the Law School.’