Dr Christopher Pierre Andre Naidu.

Three students – Dr Christopher Pierre Andre Naidu, Dr Dane Perumal and Dr Nisholini Naicker – of the Nelson R Mandela School of Medicine Class of 2013 graduated summa cum laude.

The trio, who were honoured at an oath taking and awards ceremony hosted by the College of Health Sciences, received 12 awards between them.

Perumal scooped six awards:  Top Student in the School of Clinical Medicine, the YK Seedat Prize, Academy of Family Practice for Best Student in Family Medicine, the Randle Road Medical Centre Prize in Family Medicine for the Highest Mark in Family Medicine, the Sammy Sacks Prize in Obstetrics and Gynaecology for the second highest mark in the final examination and the Department of Paediatrics Prize for the Best Overall Student in Years three, four, and five.

Perumal was overwhelmed by the awards and his achievements saying they were unexpected.  ‘I was not aware that I was one of the top students. I strive for excellence in whatever I do,’ he said.

He did not view his studying as work because it was his passion and love. ‘I will be serving my internship at RK Khan Hospital and I will use the time and the opportunity to decide what would be the best fit for me in terms of specialising. I love everything so much, I feel like all doors are opened but my practicals will guide my decision.’

Naidu received Awards for the Top Student in the School of Clinical Medicine, the YK Seedat Prize, the Servier Prize in Family Medicine for second highest mark in Family Medicine, the KM Seedat Prize in Medicine for the second highest mark in the final examination in Medicine and Department of Paediatrics Prize for best final year student in Paediatrics.

Naidu said he was really excited about his achievement. ‘I am so grateful to my Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Without him nothing would have been possible.’

 He thanked his wife, Celestina, who has been studying with him and supporting him, ‘A big thanks to my parents and my sister Crystal who have been there throughout the good and bad times. They encouraged me and provided me with a stable support. Crystal has been more than a sister, she spoiled me throughout my final year.’

Naidu will serve his internship at Gandhi Hospital and is considering specialising in plastic surgery once he has completed his internship.

Naicker received the YK Seedat Prize for the Top Student who obtained a summa cum laude degree.

She was overjoyed by her achievement: ‘I feel great, it was quite unexpected and it is what I have always wanted. I have put in a lot of hard work into my degree and I had great support from my family.’ She is doing her internship at Addington Hospital in Durban.