Professor Mahmoud Soliman engages School
of Health Sciences staff in an open forum.

The Office of the Dean of Health Sciences held the first of a series of open forums scheduled for 2015 as part of the recently implemented multifaceted communication strategy in the College of Health Sciences(CHS).

The forums are an opportunity for College academic and professional services staff to engage on an interpersonal level with the respective Deans on matters pertaining to each of its four Schools.

As newly appointed Dean and of Head of the School of Health Sciences, Professor Mahmoud Soliman took advantage of the opportunity to meet his multidisciplinary staff complement through an open forum which was successfully held on the Westville campus.

The School of Health Sciences trains Audiologists, Biokineticists, Dental Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Optometrists, Pharmacists, Physiotherapists and Speech Therapists.

Soliman said good communication was essential for the functioning of every successful organisation, including institutions of higher learning.

He said the School had a wealth of expertise and he looked forward to driving it from strength to strength.

As the new Dean he said his vision was very much aligned to that of the College and the wider University; aiming for excellence in research, teaching and learning, responsible community engagement, and an administrative philosophy of streamlining for success.

‘The College of Health Sciences provides a very supportive mechanism to assist its academic staff to flourish in their research outputs,’ said Soliman. ‘This mechanism includes postgraduate and postdoctoral scholarships, teaching reliefs, staff development and mentorship programmes, among others. I urge all academic staff to make use of these supportive platforms in order to develop their research profile and I must add that the College of Health Sciences is one of the very few institutes which provides such generous academic support on a national and international level.’

Soliman engaged the staff on various academic and administrative challenges they faced at the forum. He said he had also learnt a lot from meeting each of the disciplines individually.

According to Soliman, the School will reach even greater heights when academic and professional services staff unite to function optimally.

‘In our School we have an excellent record of teaching and learning,’ said School Academic Leader, Dr Frasia Oosthuizen.

Oosthuizen said the School accepted the cream of the crop for enrolment into its programmes. The new mandate would be to increase the number of cum laude and summa cum laude passes on graduation.

It was unanimous that the School should always pride itself in producing quality in all its endeavours.