The winners of the current affairs quiz celebrating
their victory.

The Teaching and Learning Unit of the College of Law and Management Studies recently held its first Annual Current Affairs Quiz and Write Right competition Awards Ceremony.

The quiz is an initiative of the Business Language Development module which aims to develop the students’ reading, writing, listening skills and comprehension in English at a micro-level. To prepare for the quiz, the students had to keep abreast of current affairs and contribute towards the questions.

The quiz was divided into five categories, namely national politics, world affairs, education health and environment, law and order and economic and labour issues.

Business Language Development Academic Co-ordinator Mr Graham Nash said the idea for the quiz was motivated by the awareness that when students enter the University their knowledge of current affairs is often limited.

The Write Right Competition created a platform for students to showcase their creative and academic writing skills by submitting their essays, poetry and short stories.

The competition was open to students from all disciplines and 22 papers were received, 10 in the academic category and 12 in the creative writing category.

Teaching and Learning Unit Head, Dr Annah Bengesai, who came up with the idea for the competition said the judges were impressed by the quality of writing exhibited by the students.

‘Writing is a form of power for students as it is the only way they can communicate what they have learnt. It is their gateway to the professional world and we were very impressed by the material we received as it shows the high calibre of students we have in our university,’ she said.

Commenting on the aim of the competition College Dean of Teaching and Learning, Professor Kriben Pillay said: ‘Writing is not only about grammar and spelling, it is also about giving meaning and context. As you go out into the profession you will be required to write well and we are counting on you to contribute to the Writing Place in future.

Guest judge, Ms Rosanne O’ Hara, said that as an academic she was used to reviewing academic writing but thoroughly enjoyed reading the short stories and poems written by the students.