Ms Claire Ijumba received her Honours degree
summa cum laude.

Tanzanian statistics student Ms Claire Ijumba received her Honours degree summa cum laude at this year’s Graduation ceremony in Pietermaritzburg. Ijumba, niece of UKZN’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Research, Professor Nelson Ijumba, was also the recipient of a scholarship that she will use to continue with her studies. She is currently completing her Masters degree on the Pietermaritzburg campus.

Feeling the need for international exposure in her studies, Ijumba enrolled for her Bachelor’s degree at UKZN in 2009. She said she felt UKZN was a good institution, and that the people she met on campus helped to create an environment conducive to academic success.

Studying in a foreign country always presents challenges and Ijumba said that she missed home, especially during the mid-semester breaks when many of the other resident students went away. However, she said she had been lucky to have met other Tanzanian students and had built great relationships with South African students too. She also acknowledged the support that she received from her uncle, but jokingly added that his being based in Durban gave her a little more freedom to enjoy her time on campus.

Ijumba plans to complete her Master’s degree and pursue industry options in Tanzania. Listing hard work and prayer as the two main ingredients in her success, she said she fully understood the cost of her education, and was appreciative of the support that she received from her family to further her studies.