A resident benefiting from a communal borehole
tap placed by Africa Centre.

UKZN’s Africa Centre for Population Health is sharing what water it has with the community of Somkhele in drought-ravaged northern KwaZulu-Natal.

Estates Manager at the Africa Centre, Ms Rene Stroebel, said the research institution was in danger of running dry. ‘However, the borehole the institution invested in is still providing water and we’ll share what we have with the people in the area.

‘This is the community where we conduct research and unless we all join hands, we will simply not be able to get through this prolonged drought,’ said Stroebel.

‘However, we have restricted supplies to one 5 000 litre tank a week. We realise that this is only a drop to the community, however, if everyone takes one drum at a time, the supply will go so much further to assist more people and give a fair chance to all to have at least drinking water,’ said Stroebel.

The Centre has appealed to the community to understand the need to change water consumption patterns and save every drop. 

It has the following advice on how to save water:

  1. RESPECT water and all life
  2. Don’t  WASTE  water
  3. Don’t POLLUTE rivers with liquid and solid waste
  4. PAY for water services
  5. Take  ACTION to solve any water problems
  6. CONSERVE water, and thereby CONSERVE the natural environment.

Lihle Sosibo