The new Technology Centre showcases Hewlett
Packard’s multi-seating technology.

UKZN’s Information & Communication Services Division (ICS), in partnership with Hewlett Packard (HP), recently unveiled an innovative Technology Centre on the Howard College campus.

According to HP, their new Centre – the first such initiative in South Africa – showcases mobile devices, multi-seats and high end workstations, including the new HP Z1.

ICS is responsible for introducing leading edge technology to the University community.

Mr Ray Mahadeo, the ICS Shared Services Manager, said, ‘We engaged with one of our business partners, Hewlett Packard [HP], to take this initiative to another level. We immediately received support from Mr Brendon Naidoo, HP’s Education Business Manager, and Mr Mahomed Ramathulla, Corporate Enterprise and Public Sector Sales Manager. They were happy to invest in education.’

This Centre will also be useful to academics travelling abroad on conferences and research as it has mobile devices which are both powerful and light. 

The Centre will serve as a demo room to ensure that academics make informed decisions when purchasing computer equipment.

‘Staff will now be afforded the “touch and feel” effect of technology and be able to make informed choices. Software testing is now possible to ensure that hardware with the correct specifications is purchased,’ said Mahadeo.

Specialised software is also available for teaching and learning, including AutoCAD, a resource intensive programme used by Engineering students.

Mahadeo supported by UKZN Chief Information Officer, Mr Richard Jansen, and UKZN Registrar, Professor Jane Meyerowitz, pioneered the Technology Centre initiative.

Jansen thanked HP for the partnership and highlighted that the HP room was ‘an indication of what business partnership is’.

Use of facilities at the Centre can now be booked at ICS Reception on extension 2129.