Siyabonga Sibusiso Shongwe.

2nd year UKZN Medical student, Siyabonga Sibusiso Shongwe, composed a poem in honour of women during ZAZI (Know your strength) that was held at the Medical School on 05 August 2016.

Shongwe writes as a prelude:

This one goes to my Zazi ladies.
Blessed from the heavens and not from a wallet.
Those who stay up till late to get information,
Those who follow their dreams on twitter.
Picture their life on Instagram.
Those who aren’t defined by the number of likes they have on Facebook,
But get rewarded by sticking their faces in a book,
While they ‘work’ their way to the top.
The Zazi ladies who know their worth and turn black to green to symbolise wisdom.

Asante Sana Mama…

Bathi wathinta abafazi wathinta Imbokodo.
Indlovukazi engasoze yasindwa umboko wayo.
Besingaba yini ngaphandle kwenu kodwa?
Aww kodwa!

I salute all women.
To show the magnitude of my gratitude,
I’ll forever raise my hands and chant salute!
But for now A Luta continua!

So much for the struggle back then.
Our biggest sin was being born Black to them.
They gave us bullets instead of bread,
Hence they never knew mama had a plan.
To reign supreme against the captivity of the ‘dompass’.
Just for that they left their kitchens and made their way
to those constitutional fields to plant those seeds of freedom,
To get rid of those weeds of mediocrity and for us to grow
fruitfully and have a right. Now to get everything right.
They had to let those memories pass, all they wanted
was a bright future at sight. Asante Sana Mama…

Mama you believed in my dreams.
Fought for my education though you could never read.
Taught me love though the world was full of greed.
You’ve always put my happiness before your needs
because a better man is what you’ve always wanted me to be.
One which my father could’ve never been.
If these four walls could say what they’ve seen.
How we men think we show love to our wives when we make them bleed
and plead for peace while repeatedly with our boots beat after beat … as she stands in front of her mirror with marks on her eyes coloured blue from abuse,
as she gets nothing as much as an excuse which is always blamed on booze.
Even a blinded fool can see that my mama’s been a victim of abuse,
though I have no clue how mama’s always managed to pull through!
But Asante Sana Mama…

Siyabonga Sibusiso Shongwe