Mrs Maliga Naidoo points out the many ways
society can benefit from leisure.

The search for a suitable candidate to chair the World Leisure Organization’s (WLO) Board of Directors is on!

Mrs Maliga Naidoo, recently elected as an executive member of WLO’s Board of Directors, and a lecturer of Leisure Sciences at UKZN, had been appointed in the position of Chair for the Search Committee that will carry out this task.

WLO is the non-profit, non-governmental association of persons and organizations from throughout the world that is committed to the belief that well selected leisure experiences improve the quality of life for all . . . ‘from childhood to later life’.

Passionate about health promotion though recreation and leisure sciences, Naidoo considers herself an activist in this field and is the President of the Leisure and Recreation Association of South Africa (LARASA) – the host organisation of the 2016 World Leisure Congress & Exposition which will be held for the first time on African soil in Durban.

Naidoo said she was humbled by the appointments at WLO, and it was exciting that the upcoming WLO congress would be held in Durban under the banner of LARASA. She said it was alarming that South Africans do not treasure the significance of leisure. ‘When you talk about leisure sciences people think it is only about “fun… And who needs to study it?” Yet, it transcends fun and games towards improving the human condition through an active lifestyle and contributes to environmental stewardship.

Naidoo preaches Leisure at every opportunity she gets and she believes the benefits of leisure are endless.