First year Law students taking the oath.

First year law students recently pledged to ‘conduct themselves with decorum; respect fellow students and staff; and act with integrity’ at the School of Law’s annual pledge ceremony.

The induction ceremony which was first held at the Pietermaritzburg campus saw Professor Michael Kidd and Professor Shannon Hoctor encouraged students to live up to the pledge during their academic term and throughout their careers.

The ceremony that was held at Howard College saw Professor Karthy Govender deliver an inspirational key note address which described the attainment of the promise of the Constitution as a work in progress with each succeeding generation being required to contribute to this effort.

In a keynote address, Professor Karthy Govender said achieving everything set down in South Africa’s Constitution was a work in progress with each succeeding generation being required to contribute towards the goals.

‘We want you to take what we teach here and apply it in practice in the real world. The nation, by investing in your education in this empowering environment, is endeavouring to free your potential. That is why we need you to invest in your mind and free your potential so that you can think and engage at a level that entrenches our democracy and enriches our community.’

Dean of the School of Law, Professor Managay Reddi, presided over the oath taking and students signed the pledge to record their commitment to the profession with each person receiving a copy of the South African Constitution.

First year students, Ms Aria Ramothar and Ms Kentrisha Beekram, said the pledge was a motivation for them to do their best in their chosen careers.

‘This day is the beginning of a journey I am excited about. I am looking forward to the knowledge I will gain through this qualification,’ said Ramothar.

Beekram said she would use her qualification to make a difference in her community. ‘This ceremony is an acknowledgement that academics believe in our capabilities and that we are welcome in the School. It is also motivation that one day we can be like the academics who are teaching us and we too can enrich the next generation of legal minds.’