info4africa staff with their new 2014 Series 7
Support Services Directory.

info4africa, a self-funded Centre of the School of Applied Human Sciences, recently launched their 2014 KwaZulu-Natal info4africa Series 7 support services directory. 

The directory contains detailed information on over 2 300 organisations in KwaZulu-Natal which are involved in health, wellbeing and development service provision.  

‘Vulnerable people or families often need support in a number of areas. Our referral directory contains full details of organisations providing services and support to vulnerable groups in all areas of the province,’ said info4africa Director, Ms Debbie Heustice.  

‘The directory is designed to assist support service providers in the valuable work that they do with vulnerable groups.  

‘Service providers can use this directory to connect with service organisations in any area of the province and to refer clients to organisations for additional support and assistance,’ said Heustice. 

The directory forms part of the info4africa national data base.

* For more information on the KwaZulu-Natal Series 7 Support Services Database and Directory or information on how to best use the directory or the networking forums to support your work, contact the centre at email: