In celebration of Women’s Month, the Human Resources Division held a breakfast seminar focusing on its female staff members.

Dr Rosemary Sibanda, lecturer in the Graduate School of Business and Leadership, and Dr Gita Suraj-Narayan of the African Laughter Institute were guest speakers.

Sibanda highlighted the many challenges women face in the workplace, emphasising the importance of women knowing who they are, emotional intelligence as well as using mindfulness to be able to rise above challenges.

Suraj-Narayan highlighted the importance of laughter which is often taken for granted due to day-to-day stress. She indicated that people were so stressed that they hardly laugh and miss out on the benefits. She shared results of her research, saying laughter therapy led to improvements in patients’ blood pressure and blood sugar levels, amongst many benefits. She highlighted the physical and psychological benefits of laughter therapy through the release of endorphins for dealing with stress and illnesses; equating 30 minutes of laughter to 10 minutes on the treadmill. HR women were taken through an experiential laughter session which they found beneficial.

‘The session was fun and relaxing and we learned a new de-stressing technique which is much needed,’ said Mrs Thabisile Gwambe, Manager: HR-Professional Services.

Words: Busisiwe Ramabodu