First Year CHS student Nokuthula Nxumalo, Peter
Leibrandt and Lynesse Mgagula discuss their game
plan before the Amazing race begins.

Away from musty lecture theatres and dry information sessions, Health Science students experienced the opportunity to reflect on the journey that has brought them to UKZN.

They were facilitated within the orientation programme through a step wise process that led students on a short journey of self- reflection.

This rekindled life experiences and support received that has shaped their thinking and aspirations towards helping others through their professions.

Metaphorically and graphically students then drew around each other’s feet on the parquet floor in the austere and hallowed ground of the Joosub Main Hall which will host their examination sittings, the taking of the Hippocratic Oath and countless other prestigious events over their sojourn in the College.

It shook students out of their comfort zones and elicited profound thoughts ending with a chant of whooohah which rang from those rafters heralding the beginning of a new day and a new potential graduate who is going to “shake the world” and provide much needed service to society.

This  morning ( Thursday) the first year students will participate in the Amazing Race, the orientation programme that is a key tool to welcoming them to the University environment.

 It is aimed at acquainting the students to the university, its surroundings and most importantly the College and other campuses at UKZN.

The amazing race seeks to encourage team work and to breach cultural, racial and social barriers.

 The amazing race will take students to the following sites:

NRMSM: Exam Hall, Dissecting Hall, MSRC Office, Cafeteria, College Office, Library.

Howard: George Campbell Building, Library, Student Union, Land office, Sports fields and Dennis Shepstone Building.

Westville: SRC Office, Cafeteria, CHS, library.

Activities will be carried out on all 3 campuses to culminate at Howard College.