Professor Ufo Okeke-Uzodike, Dean and Head,
School of Social Sciences presents Professor Ari
Sitas with a token of appreciation.

Professor Ari Sitas of the University of Cape Town delivered the first in a series of public lectures and seminars on Democracy and Governance organised by UKZN’s School of Social Sciences and the College of Humanities.

The lecture, on the Howard College campus, was part of the South African Humanities Deans’ Association’s (SAHUDA) preparatory work to boost the Charter for the Humanities and Social Sciences.

The School of Social Sciences and the College of Humanities hope that the Democracy and Governance public lecture and seminar series will serve as the springboard for further broadening the on-going debates aimed at strengthening and deepening the foundation of knowledge and practice of democracy and governance in Africa.  

The seminar was titled: “Research Governance in South Africa: Implications for the Social Sciences and the Humanities”.

In his lecture, “Equality and Freedom: The Implications for Stability and Development in South Africa and the Role of the Social Sciences”, Sitas said on the equality front, scholars in the social sciences had a lot to contribute to society.  ‘For instance, one could work to recast the normative basis and ways that social sciences can help identify the structural impediments to societal change.’ 

With this in mind, he provided a set of 11 propositions including turning our World Heritage sites into Knowledge centres, establishing Afro-India collaborations, strengthening public debate and the intellectual and creative life of all provinces and even looking at post conflict reconstruction and reconciliation.

‘We should create a body of African scholars, future communities and enhance scholarships. Only by slowly building communities of scholarships that are transnational in serious conversation with each other can we realistically create the conditions for development in South Africa and the South,’ said Sitas.