As part of a community outreach initiative, Professor Ayub Sheik, a lecturer from the School of Education facilitated workshops for Matric teachers. These were held at the KwaMashu Teachers Centre and New Germany Primary School. Matric Drama was also workshopped by Emeritus Professor Dennis Shauffer.

The workshops were attended by teachers from the Pinetown and KwaMashu education circuits in a bid to find alternate and creative ways to engage with their matric learners in the different genres of English as a first additional language.

The initiative was organised by Wordweavers, a start-up educational company with student guides in all the genres of Matric English. The logistics for the workshops was organised by English Subject Advisor, Mr Paris Senwamadi, and Mr Govin Reddy from Wordweavers.

‘It is an important and continuous goal for the University to lend its expertise to community development. Feedback solicited from the teachers indicted rich appreciation for the scaffolding and insightful approaches done in a spirit of comradery,’ said Sheik.

Words: Melissa Mungroo