Newspaper Reporter, Mr Amil Umraw.

Newspaper Reporter Mr Amil Umraw graduated with a BA honours in Media and Cultural Studies with research titled:  “The Beaten Ones – A Study of the Online Responses to Mark Easton’s The Violence Behind Closed Doors”. 

Umraw’s topic, which is about stereotypes of domestic abuse, was born when he found the link to an article while scrolling through Facebook which revealed interesting statistics. 

The focus on his topic was the portrayal of gender stereotypes online and whether people still agree or disagree with the preconceived ideas. 

Speaking about his findings, he said: ‘I found that even in today’s equal society, many people have entrenched gender stereotypes in terms of gender roles and aren’t exactly afraid to let them show on social media interfaces, especially when remaining anonymous.’ 

While Umraw admitted it was a challenge working and studying, he said most of his dissertation was complete when he started working as a Journalist at The Witness

‘I only had to put a few pieces together and compile it, so I used my spare time on the weekends and my days off to complete it. My own personal drive to finish my studies contributed to the success of my research. I guess you just battle through when you’re short on time to get things done.’ 

Some of the accomplishments that Umraw is particularly proud of from his Honours year include representing UKZN at the South African Communications Conference as well as assisting a non-profit organisation Rivlife Community Centre to improve its corporate communication efforts.