Dr Brian Majola (middle) with JU Academic staff, Dr Patrycja Siemiginowska (left) and Dr Krystyna Golonka.

School of Management, Information Technology and Governance academic, Dr Brian Kwazi Majola had the opportunity to participate in the Erasmus+ Staff Mobility programme, the first ever student and staff exchange programme born out of the collaboration between UKZN and the Jagiellonian University (JU) in Poland.

The program allows UKZN students at Masters and PhD level to conduct their research studies at the Polish university for a duration of five months until July 2018. Dr Majola was one of the three academics who were given the opportunity to spend five days at the University and deliver lectures to students at JU which is in line with Goal 1 of the UKZN Strategic Plan which promotes internationalisation where staff is encouraged to enrich their academic experience at international universities by facilitating mobility exchanges.

‘I was delighted to be part of the experience. What I realised from the experience is that UKZN is on par, we are now collaborating and competing with first-world universities because the facilities and academic atmosphere is similar to ours. The sad part is that little is known about Higher Education in Africa and its influence, as 53% of international students are coming from China, India and South Korea. ’

The highlight of his visit was interacting with academic staff and students at JU and presenting an Africa Day lecture titled: The Employer-Employee Relationship and Its Dynamics in the New South Africa, where he took the opportunity to educate the Polish about Africa as a continent as well as South African lifestyles and cultures.

Majola adds that he learned a lot from Dr Patrycja Siemiginowska concerning Higher Education in Poland. He also used the opportunity to explore staff development plans, exchange publication ideas, gather strategies on transforming education as well as form a network community.

Words by: Reatlehile Moeti