The Director of the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA), Mr Cameron Sello Morajane, unpacked and explained the organisation’s strategic direction to an audience which included current and former UKZN School of Law students.

The event – part of a nation-wide CCMA information campaign – was attended by Law students as well as practitioners from the education and transport sectors, among others, who were keen to hear Morajane’s perspective on dispute resolution and the future of the CCMA.

‘I stand before you in the middle of a storm. There are national bus strikes and the Eskom strike and wage negotiations. I want you think about where the South African economy would be without the CCMA,’ said Morajane.

Morajane is a former National Senior Commissioner and an Attorney of the High Court who holds a B Juris, LLB and an LLM (specialising in Labour Law) degrees as well as a Diploma in Alternative Dispute Resolution and a Postgraduate Diploma in Corporate Law.

He detailed experience he has accumulated from holding various positions in private practice and what it means to serve as a commissioner for the CCMA.

‘If you join the CCMA as a second job option or for the money then you won’t make it because this is not a job, it’s a vocation,’ said Morajane. ‘At the CCMA we welcome people who are broken down and not only burdened by the weight of losing their jobs but also the despair of their families. When they see us they see hope and social justice.

‘If you don’t understand social justice and the principles of the Constitution, then the CCMA is not for you because you need to be more than a practitioner who thinks that dispute resolutions are only defined by employment law. This is why we are nurturing relationships with universities because the revolution that is coming needs versatile practitioners who will say thuma mina (send me) CCMA. I am hoping that those people are in this room today,’ added Morajane.

Words: Thandiwe Jumo