UKZN’s Afrikaans Language lecturer Mr
Darryl Earl David with his newly published
book: A Platteland Pilgrimage.

UKZN’s Afrikaans Language lecturer Mr Darryl Earl David recently published A Platteland Pilgrimage, which takes the reader on a journey to many of the forgotten churches of South Africa.

‘It is a pilgrimage to small town SA, and in most cases to the genesis of these towns because most churches in the platteland were the very cornerstones around which communities developed,’ said David.

‘On the pages of this book, you will discover towns and hamlets like Hermannsburg, Vosburg, Indwe, Merweville and almost 100 others.’

Two years ago, David and his co-author, Mr Philippe Menache, produced 101 Country Churches of SA. Out of that book sprang the realisation that they had left out so many lovely churches and this led to the latest book.

 ‘In many ways the book also pays homage to the great architects of yesteryear. To stand before these churches is to stand before beautiful minds.’

David hopes that this book will aid in the evolution of Church tourism in SA.

 ‘Strangely enough, the target market for this book is not your devout church goer. On the contrary, this book is a book for lovers of exquisite architecture. It is a book for photographers. It is a book for lovers of the South African platteland. It is a book for those who were baptised or married in these churches but who now live in big cities.’

Asked how he felt about the book being published, David smiled and said, ‘It’s like the day your child was born. You can’t help but look at it every minute of the day. You want to touch it all the time. And it brings a smile to your face whenever you look at it.’

Three more books are in the pipeline for David.

‘The first book flows out of my work in founding the first isiZulu museum in South Africa at UKZN. But my publishers have sworn me to secrecy. Secondly, publishers Human and Rousseau have given me the go ahead for a book on the Karoo as seen through the eyes of writers.  And thirdly, my Dad actually gave me the idea for a book on churches with a truly unique slant.’

David hopes the third book will take SA by storm and take Church Tourism to a much wider audience. ‘I just hope I can complete it while my Dad is still around. He turns 80 in 2014 so I would like the book to be out by then.’

A Platteland Pilgrimage sells for R250 and can be purchased from David via email at or