Albie Sachs.

The sound of applause filled UKZN’s Howard College Theatre at the recent screening of a documentary, Soft Vengeance: Albie Sachs and the New South Africa, about the life of the lawyer and civil rights activist Albie Sachs.

The 80 minute emotionally charged film directed by renowned film maker Ms Abby Ginzberg documents the sequence of events of Sachs life, during the apartheid era, fighting for a free South Africa.

The film follows Sachs journey of imprisonment, torture, exile and the horrific 1988 car bomb set by the South African security forces in Mozambique which cost him his right arm and sight of his left eye.

The story explores the value of human dignity, equality, freedom and the critical role Sachs played in architecting South Africa’s constitution.

School of Law academic, Professor Karthy Govender who has worked with Sachs and reviewed his book: The Strange Alchemy of Life and Law described Sachs as an extraordinary man with an indomitable spirit that forgives, which all South Africans can learn from.

After the screening, the audience were given an opportunity to interact with Sachs and Ginzberg.

Sachs advised the audience to treasure their rights and use them to address the country’s challenges.

‘The constitution is not just a piece of paper, it transformed the country. In South Africa we have our freedom but we still don’t have our security. If people are dissatisfied with what is happening now, they should use their rights to change things,’ he said.