Dr Kitty Kwo Chen presents a stimulating talk on

The College of Health Sciences’ women in leadership and leverage (WILL) committee ended its series of workshops with an insightful presentation on the ancient Chinese art of healing, acupuncture.

Presented by Dr Kitty Kwo Chen, a qualified doctor of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, Kwo said this form of treatment had been used for over 3000 years and helped to restore balance in the body’s energy forces. She said the practice had been endorsed by the World Health Organisation and was known to treat approximately 43 different kinds of illnesses.

Kwo recommended acupuncture as a natural way of healing, ‘without side-effects’ and which does not use any chemicals. She said painkillers had exponential sale rates worldwide, reiterating the communal maxim, “prevention is better than cure”.

According to Kwo, acupuncture had worked magic in helping patients suffering from headaches; back, neck, and lower back pain; stress related problems; sport injuries and even sinusitis, along with weight loss which had a success rate of over 80 percent.

‘Insomnia is one of our bodies’ biggest enemies but acupuncture heals this too.

Workshop participants were fascinated to learn about Chinese traditional healing practices and asked many questions comparing and contrasting with South Africa’s indigenous healing practices.

Dr Shenuka Singh, workshop convener and a committee member of WILL said Kwo’s presentation ended the series of workshop for 2012 on a high note. ‘There is a lot to look forward to next year.’