Professor Debbie Vigar-Ellis.

UKZN’s Professor Debbie Vigar-Ellis and her colleague Mr Daniel Hall were awarded the Jane K. Fenyo Best Paper Award for Student Research for their doctoral research at the 2013 Academy of Marketing Science Conference held in California.

Vigar-Ellis and Hall, both attached to the School of Management, Information Technology and Governance, are doing their doctoral studies through the Royal Institute of Technology’s PhD programme in Stockholm, Sweden.

This prize is awarded to the best paper written and presented by PhD students at the annual conference which is attended by marketing experts from all over the world.

‘There were over 400 papers presented at the Conference and I think at least half of those included PhD students,’ said Vigar-Ellis. ‘The AMS conference is one of the top Marketing conferences in the world and many of the leading academics in the discipline were there, so it really is a great honour.’  

Vigar-Ellis and Hall submitted the research paper titled: “Ambush Marketing of the London Olympics: A Content Analysis”, which they did for the Qualitative Methods module.

As detailed in the abstract, the paper looks at how effective legislation was in practice given the strong social media presence.  Research for this was done by undertaking a content analysis on text extracted from Google using the key word search term “London Olympics ambush marketing”. A search was done every day for a month before the games as well as during the event.