Twenty-two-year-old twins, Anele and Wanele Ngcobo of Inanda, who graduated with their Postgraduate Certificates in Education, describe this as their most significant academic achievement. 

‘We are inseparable, doing everything together and being with each other all the time, so it made sense that we’d do the same degree,’ said Anele. ‘Our resemblance is also uncanny, and we are both vocal and outspoken. Those close to us say that we are very loud.’ 

Wanele added: ‘Because we share far too much in common and think alike, sometimes our assignments were a bit similar! We then had to re-edit our work but we would always help each study for tests and share notes after lectures. It’s magical and unbelievable to share this experience with my sister. There’s nothing quite like having your twin by your side through everything.’ 

For their teaching practice module, the twins ended up choosing the same school. ‘Staff and learners were amazed at seeing twins at our age still dressing the same. But it was also really fun seeing learners’ reactions to a pair of twins teaching them,’ said Anele. 

With a passion for fashion, the twins have started their own clothing label called Glambang. ‘Our label has been doing pretty well and it is registered under Jumpstart/Gift of the Givers Foundation which we won while we were in high school,’ said Wanele.

They thanked their family and friends for their ongoing support and encouragement and advised other students to work hard, stay motivated and do postgraduate studies. 

Currently, they are registered for Honours degrees in Technology Education at UKZN. 

Words: Melissa Mungroo 

Photograph: Rogan Ward