11 February 2019

Dear Parent

The Executive Management Committee (EMC) and Student Leadership continued their engagement today to try to resolve the issues raised in the Memorandum.

On the basis of these key agreements, the EMC and Student Leadership have agreed the following:

  1. All Campuses will officially re-open tomorrow, 12 February 2019, to allow the registration process to continue for the remainder of the week. This will also allow space for the students affected by the clearance challenges to resolve their registration issues, especially students residing in residences.

  2. The academic programme will officially start on Wednesday, 13 February 2019.

  3. A plan of action has been also agreed to with respect to critical housing challenges which will be implemented during the course of this week, starting tomorrow.

  4. The EMC and Student Leadership will continue to engage on the remaining challenges raised in the Memorandum.

The EMC would like to commend the Student Leadership on their cordial and constructive engagement to date.

Thank you,
Professor Nana Poku
Vice-Chancellor and Principal (Acting)

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