It all started in 1964 when the bats, Eddie Eckstein, Paul Ditchfield, Pete Clifford and the late Barry Jarman, burst onto the local scene and became, to many ardent followers, South Africa’s answer to the beatles. They toured extensively, both locally and internationally, wowing audiences here and in the United Kingdom, Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia) and Germany with their brilliant music and hilarious comedy show. More than just great musicians, they were also great entertainers, and it was this that kept them at the top of their game for 16 years, an amazing achievement for any band.

In the early 70’s they won a Sarie award for ‘Song of the year’ with ‘Who’s That Girl’, and in 1972 Paul’s composition ‘Oh God It’s Beautiful’ was chosen to represent South Africa at the Tokyo world song festival. Paul took Eddie with him to Tokyo to perform the song and they reached the finals.
In 1980, with many hit singles, including ‘In a Shabby Little Hut’ and ‘Vat Hom Dawie’ and a whole bunch of long playing vinyls under their belts, they decided to go their separate ways to pursue solo careers. This break just seemed to hone their talents because after a break of 21 years, they are better musicians now than they were then!!
After constant pressure from their fans to get back together again, Eddie, Paul & Pete, minus the late Barry who had decided to retire, were joined by Derek Gordon and got back on the road for what they thought would be a short ‘come back’. Little did they know that 12 years later they would still be on the road, delighting audiences young and old.
Hexagon Theatre UKZN, Pietermaritzburg
Fri 25th and Sat 26th May at 7.30pm
Fri 25th Dinner option – dinner followed by the show R200 (incl show)
Tickets for the show only: R90pp
Bookings by email 
Enquiries 033 260 5537


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