The Centre for Jazz Centre for Jazz and Popular Music is proud to present “The Awakening” on Wednesday 21 May 2014 at 18h00. 

Artists of every genre have attempted to express the depth of devotion they feel for God and their understanding of His divine love for us, the top of his creation. Musicians, painters, sculptors, poets and dancers have used their art as a channel for that expression – the most profound and innocent of loves. Mystics and saints from all ages, throughout history have used storytelling, parable and poetry to communicate their experience of truth and love and the desire for unity with God. In ‘The Awakening’, words from Kabir, Hafiz, Rumi and The Song of Solomon from the Old Testament are used as a counterpart to music especially composed for this performance. 

Pianist/Composer Burton Naidoo and writer / theatre practitioner Gisele Turner have a long spoken about an artistic collaboration  They have chosen specific works from the ancient poets and philosophers that capture rare moments of love and devotion. The Awakening is a call to ignite passion for the Divine, through song, spoken word and musical improvisation. 

THE AWAKENING features Burton Naidoo (piano), Gisele Turner (spoken word), Lauren Dassapa (voice), Salim Washington (flute) and Jude Kenrick (percussion).

Join us, on Wednesday, 21 May 2014 at Centre for Jazz and Popular Music (CJPM), Level 2, Shepstone Building at UKZN Howard College Campus. Doors open at 17h30 and music starts at 18h00. Entry fee is R40 (Pensioners R20 and students R15).

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