School of Built Environment and Development Studies Seminar

Title: ‘Programmes to improve manufacturing competitiveness: differences and commonalities between Lean and Six Sigma projects’

Speaker: Balazs Nemeth

Time: 12h30-13h50, 28 May 2014.

Venue: Seminar Room F213, School of Built Environment and Development Studies, Memorial Tower Building, UKZN. Google maps: -29.866933,30.981963 

Dr Balazs Nemeth has a PhD in Economics in the field of Total Quality Management from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. He is the Managing Director of Kvalikon Management Consulting and Systems Development Ltd. and Director of the Hungarian Quality Society. He is also a member of the European Organization for Quality (EOQ), Hungarian National Committee, Vice President of the EOQ’s Lean Six Sigma Committee, and also a member of the Management Special College of the Technical University of Budapest. Dr Nemeth lives in Budapest, with his wife and three children, although he travels extensively and has worked and studied in a number of European countries, as well as the USA. His areas of specialization include lean systems implementation, balanced scorecard development, six-sigma application, and broader industrial restructuring initiatives to secure enhanced competitiveness. 

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