School of Built Environment and Development Studies Seminar 

Title: Is Durban’s Proposed Port Expansion Really Necessary?  

Speaker: Jack Dyer  

Time: 12h30 – 13h50, 1 October 2014 

Venue: Seminar Room F213, School of Built Environment and Development Studies, Memorial Tower Building, UKZN. Google maps: -29.866933,30.981963 

Jack Dyer is a University of Kent UK graduate with a BSC Honours degree in Econometrics and Economics. He is completing his Master’s Dissertation on the Durban Port Expansion in Commerce in Maritime Studies degree at UKZN. He is a UKZN Research Assistant and Tutor in International Trade and is currently a part time Lecturer in Shipping at the SA Maritime School and Transport College in Durban. He has been accepted to undertake a PHD investigating the potential impact of climate change on ports, shipping and maritime economies at the University of Tasmania. He has advised the Kenyan Port authority on the opportunities offered by their port expansion, and presented papers on the Global Future of Shipping/ Customs Modernisation at the economic Society of South Africa 2013 Conference. 

Planned seminars (This is a provisional schedule. Events will be confirmed about a week before through the mailing list. If you would like to be added to or removed from the mailing list, please contact  

8 October: Mohammed Vawda ‘Health seeking behaviour in the context of high HIV prevalence’ 

15 October: Creesen Naicker ‘Presentation on sports and development – title TBC’ 

22 October: Catherine Sutherland, Glen Robbins and Dianne Scott  ‘Durban as a regional hub: Pro-growth, pro-poor and environmental entanglements’ (Available) 

29 October: Christine Jeske ‘This is Not Working: Unemployment and the Good Life in South Africa’ 

5 November: Christina Cappy ‘South African Youth Experiences of Social Cohesion Through Schooling’

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