School of Built Environment and Development Studies Seminar 

Title: Food for thought: the social life of imifino in three vignettes

Speaker: Mvu Ngcoya

Time: 12h30-13h50, 14 May 2014.

Venue: Seminar Room F213, School of Built Environment and Development Studies, Memorial Tower Building, UKZN. Google maps: -29.866933,30.981963

Born in the undulating hills of Phatheni, Richmond, Mvu is essentially a country bumpkin. He’s a clodhopper who does like fine things, especially food. His culinary appetite has spilled into an appetite for wonder leading to his current intellectual investigation of the social life and political economy of imbuya (Amaranthus hypochondriatus L.).  He wonders how we got to know so much about indigenous medicines, indigenous gardens, and Nguni cattle and so little about indigenous vegetables. In this talk Mvu will discuss his on-going research on indigenous leafy vegetables in KZN. When he’s not thinking about food, Mvu teaches in the Development Studies programme in the School of Built Environment and Development Studies (SBEDS) where he has been since 2010.  

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21 May: Daniela Casale ‘The relationship between early nutrition and cognitive outcomes in children of preschool age: Evidence from the South African Birth to Twenty Study’

28 May: Balazs Nemeth ‘Competitiveness challenges facing the automotive industry in Hungary’

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