School of Built Environment and Development Studies Seminar 

Title: Constraints to growth and employment in manufacturing establishments in eThekwini

Speaker: Myriam Velia, SoBEDS, UKZN

Time: 12h30 – 13h50, 6 May

Venue: Seminar Room F213, School of Built Environment and Development Studies, Memorial Tower Building, UKZN. Google maps: -29.866933,30.981963 

There is a lack of data on firms in South Africa.  Following a comprehensive survey of establishments in eThekwini completed by staff at the School of Built Environment and Development Studies in 2014, one can now start looking closely at what is directly reported as constraints to growth and employment by experts in medium and large manufacturing establishments in the Municipality. 

This seminar will highlight some of these elements and some of their implications for policy-makers, particularly those at the local level.  Although the survey is large and the data analysis is just being initiated, the survey offers a wealth of qualitative and quantitative information.  Some of the results differ markedly from those that were found a decade ago for the study area, reflecting a better integration of firms into the global context and new challenges. The data also offer hints, at this stage, of firms shifting to a more capital intensive production base. This is problematic as government is seeking a sharp reduction of the number of those in unemployment. 

Myriam has a PhD in Economics (International Economics) from the University of Sussex (UK). She has been involved with a number of projects while at the School. She was a full-time researcher at the School between 2001 and early 2008 when she joined Trade in Industry Policy Strategies (TIPS), a section 21 not-for-profit agency, as Head of Research. Myriam came back to the School in April 2010 on a part-time basis. Since her return, she worked on the evaluation of the Local Competitiveness Fund Implementation of Gijima KZN, one of a number of innovative funding mechanisms used for Local Economic Development in the province. She also worked with others on Growth Scenarios for agro-processing for the Department of Economic Development. She is currently one of the lead researchers on the study of medium and large manufacturing firms in eThekwini.

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