9 – 12 APRIL AT 18h00


R40/R25 for students, staff and seniors.

Once upon a time in a land far away, a Queen hosted an annual ball to choose the three most beautiful girls to join her royal court. Amidst the annual frenzy of girls trying to outdo each other, the Palace Pâtissier has been made available to help them in whatever ways he sees fit. To what lengths would a young girl go to be as pretty as her sister, to win the love of her mother or even be awarded the accolades of a Queen? And of course, the Prince is looking for a bride. But marrying a prince is not always the fairytale one imagines it to be and there’s something sinister afoot in the palace.

In an era where we gorge ourselves on images of perfection, Pretty Piece of Flesh examines the concept of beauty so perfect that it is unnatural. Under the guise of a fairytale, through live action and shadow play, it explores the grotesque and horrific nature of what women do to themselves in order to achieve such unrealistic expectations.

Written and directed by Master’s student, Erin Fourie, Pretty Piece of Flesh will be running at The Hexagon Theatre from the 09th to the 12th of April. Shows start at 18h00 and tickets are available at the door at R40 with a R25 concession for students, staff and pensioners. Not suitable for children.

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