Our last German Monday Film Show – which will be (as it is usual) a Bring & Share – is the first German UfA-Blockbuster, the most popular musical romantic comedy of the 30s

DIE DREI VON DER TANKSTELLE – THREE FROM THE FILLING STATION (aka THREE GOOD FRIENDS) 1930, 102 min., dir. Wilhelm Thiele, starring Lilian Harvey, Heinz Rühmann, Willie Fritsch, German with English subtitles


TIME: 5.00 p.m. (before and during the screening we will have our bring & share)

VENUE: Howard College, MTB West Wing 1st Floor, German Programme, Media Room F251

About the film:

If a poll had ever been conducted amongst fans of international musical-comedy star Lillian Harvey, the actress’s most popular vehicle would probably have been Die Drei von der Tankstelle — with Congress Dances (our last Last German Monday Film!) running a very close second. The story opens as three debt-ridden young men pool what is left of their savings to open a roadside service station. Their most frequent customer is the wealthy, winsome Ms. Harvey, who frequently shows up fetchingly clad in hiking shorts. Each of the young men falls in love with the girl, unbeknownst to the other two. Which one will she choose? Most likely, the one who sings the best — and that would be Lillian Harvey’s frequent screen vis-a-vis Willy Fritsch. (rottentomatoes)

For such a very early sound film it’s an astonishingly confident film, one of the first UFA ‘operettas’ yet with a contemporary, rather than period, setting. The Comedian Harmonists put in a guest spot as barbershop-style singing barmen, Olga Tschechowa appears in a supporting role and Werner Richard Heymann’s marvelous music helps it all move along at a swift pace. This is a perennially popular Weimar-era German musical, and deservedly so. (imdb.com)


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