Our next screening is a dark drama about an aging movie star who sets off on a road trip that leads to a complicated family reunion by another German heavyweight director Wim Wenders
2005, 120 min., dir. Wim Wenders, starring Gabriel Mann, Jessica Lange, Sam Shepard (Paris, Texas), in English
TIME: 5.00 p.m.
VENUE: Howard College MTB North Wing, 1st Floor, German Programme, Media Room F251
Howard Spence (Sam Shepherd) has seen better days. Once a big Western movie star, he now drowns his disgust for his selfish and failed life with alcohol, drugs and young women. If he were to die now, nobody would shed a tear over him, that’s the sad truth. Until one day Howard learns that he might have a child somewhere out there. The very idea seems like a ray of hope that his life wasn’t all in vain. So he sets out to find that young man or woman. He discovers an entire life that he has missed… (www.imdb.com)
24 November – Poll – A film by Chris Kraus
1 December – Surprise film with a Bring and Share (last film of the year)
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Dr Marion Pape
German Programme
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