Our next Monday-film is a “melancholy comedy” by veteran German film maker Andreas Dresen whose Zimmer vorm Balkon, and Wolke 9 were some of the highlights of last year’s German Monday Film Show series
(2009, 104 min. dir. A Dresen, starring Henry Hübchen, Corinna Harfouch, English subt)
DATE: 4 March 2012
TIME: 5.00 p.m.
VENUE: Howard College, MTB (West Wing, 1st floor), German Program, Media Room F251
Dresen returns with a movie about film-making but not like Truffaut’s Day for Night. A celebrated actor of a certain age has become a liability on the set of his new film, a sex farce set in the 1920s. The film’s producer, wanting to protect his investment, encourages the director to hire a younger actor to re-shoot all the scenes made with the older actor – just in case. But the lead actress was once the older actor’s mistress and is now married to the film’s director, and complications ensue.

“Despite the tensions, Whisky & Vodka is full of heart. When the relationships thrive, they shine with a realistic warmth. Despite his playboy tendencies and unpredictable behaviour, there is a certain wisdom about Otto, the older actor, that warms you to him. This is particularly true during the wrap party, when he makes a speech about the ways in which the studio has mistreated him. Try as you might, it is impossible not to forgive Otto his misgivings.

With excellent pacing, great characters, and hilarious moments, Whisky & Vodka is a fantastic way to get through any sober evening.” (Nicola Balkind)
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