The next screening is a quiet and beautiful narrated love story from Switzerland 

2001, 90 min., dir. Christoph Schaub, starring Emmanuelle Laborit, Lars Otterstedt, Renate Becker, German with English subtitles 


TIME: 17h00

VENUE: Howard College, MTB North Wing 1st Floor, German Programme, Media Room F251 

Shot in beautiful Switzerland, Stille Liebe (in English rather “Silent Love” than “Secret Love”) tells the story of Antonia (Emmanuelle Laborit), a deaf and mute nun who meets Mikas, a deaf pick-pocket while travelling to the homeless shelter where she assists in the kitchen. Antonia’s relationship builds with Mikas to a point where she is torn between her faith and the man she has fallen in love with. Among some of the other characters is Mother Superior Verena (Renate Becker); a wonderfully loving, yet very disciplined woman who takes Antonia under her wing in the Convent.

While the cinematography is nothing extra special, it is the audio track that will capture your attention. Dialogue scenes between Antonia and Mikas have no audible speech and what you are left with is just the soft ambiance of the surroundings. The audio track itself is very soft for the majority of the film – thus any breach of this softness is reserved for very poignant events.

Co-written by Swiss director Christoph Schaub, this film is unique in the way it portrays a deaf character. Of course the usual communication issues exist, but we see more of need and desire to be among people who are similar. The communication issues can always be resolved, but the desire to be among your own people, people who are like you, people who don’t have the need for things to be explained to them… this is what really drives Antonia in the decisions she makes throughout the film. (

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