You are cordially invited to the next screening of German Monday Film Show – in connection with JOMBA! – showing the two most famous pieces of German dance choreographer Pina Bausch and her Tanztheater Wuppertal
FRÜHLINGSOPFER  – LE SACRE DU PRINTEMPS (1978, 49 and 36 min., Music: Henry Purcell and Igor Stravinsky)

DATE: 12 September
TIME: 5.00 p.m.
Venue: Howard Coll., MTB West Wing, 1st Floor, German Programme, Media Room F251
About the film and Pina Bausch:

Pina Bausch was born 1940 in Solingen and died 2009 in Wuppertal. She received her dance training at the Folkwang School in Essen under Kurt Jooss, where she achieved technical excellence. Soon after the director of Wuppertal’s theatres, Arno Wüstenhöfer, engaged her as choreographer, from autumn 1973, she renamed the ensemble the Tanztheater Wuppertal. Under this name, although controversial at the beginning, the company gradually achieved international recognition. Its combination of poetic and everyday elements influenced the international development of dance decisively. Awarded some of the greatest prizes and honours world-wide, Pina Bausch is one of the most significant choreographers of our time.

Her best-known dance-theatre works include the melancholic Café Müller (1978), in which dancers stumble around the stage crashing into tables and chairs, and a thrilling Rite of Spring (Le Sacre du Printemps), which required the stage to be completely covered with soil.

Male-female interaction is a theme found throughout her work, which has been an inspiration for—and reached a wider audience through—the movie Talk to Her, directed by Pedro Almodóvar. Her pieces are constructed of short units of dialogue and action, often of a surreal nature. Repetition is an important structuring device. Her large multi-media productions often involve elaborate sets and eclectic music. In Vollmond half of the stage is taken up by a giant, rocky hill, and the score includes everything from Portuguese music to K. D. Lang.


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