Next on screen is an award-winning romantic comedy by one of Germany’s young women film-makers


(2012, 80 min., dir. Almut Getto, starring Katharina Schuettler, Bastian Trost, English subtitles)

DATE: 19 August

TIME: 5.00 p.m.

VENUE: Howard College, MTB West Wing, 1st Floor, German Programme, Media Room F251

About the film: “Ganz nah bei dir” is the story of Phillip (Bastian Trost). Best described, euphemistically, as “special”, he has sealed himself off in an everyday life reduced, as some say, to the max: he sleeps, eats and works. He loves silent films and pantomime and longs for audience recognition. But his fear of rejection keeps him from venturing out of his confining, small, weird and ostensibly safe world. Lina (Katharina Schuettler) is blind. And she is fed up with other people seeing her as just handicapped, constantly reducing her to this single defect, pitying, mothering and speaking for her. She is a strong, self-aware woman who has achieved a certain virtuoso status in her profession as a cellist and is on the verge of breaking out with her own string quartet.
When the two of them meet, Phillip is thrown out of his well-ordered orbit. Lina might be blind but Phillip can no longer hide from her. While they unstoppably draw closer, at the same time they keep moving away from the life that they knew before – and have to realize that things which they previously took to be important are, in reality, perhaps not at all as important as they were.

CLOSE TO YOU’s director and co-writer, Almut Getto, is no stranger to German cinema. After postgraduate studies in film in Cologne, her first feature, DO FISH DO IT? (FICKENDE FISCHE), walked off with an armful of prizes, including Best Director at the Max Ophuels Festival in Saarbruecken, the German Film Critics’ Award as well as the German Film Award in Gold for Best Script.

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