Next screening is for those who have patiently waited in the background for the third film in R.W. Fassbinder’s post war “BRD-trilogy” Die Ehe der Maria Braun – Lola – and:
DIE SEHNSUCHT DER VERONIKA VOSS – THE LONGING OF VERONIKA VOSS (1982, b/w, 104 min., dir. RW Fassbinder, starring Rosl Zech, Armin Mueller-Stahl), English subtitles
DATE: 5 September 2011
TIME: 5.00 p.m.
VENUE: Howard College, Memorial Tower Building, West Wing, 1st Floor, German Programme, Media Room F251
About the film:
A decade after the war, a faded Nazi starlet named Veronika Voss (Rosel Zech) lives in obscurity in Munich, the virtual prisoner of her neurologist, Dr. Marianne Katz (Annemarie Düringer), who supplies her with the drugs she craves so long as she can pay the exorbitant fee. Struggling to survive, but still beautiful, the forgotten actress has a chance meeting with sportswriter Robert Krohn (Hilmar Thate). Despite his loyal girlfriend Henriette (Cornelia Froboess), Krohn becomes obsessed with Veronika’s sexual allure and mysterious past, which includes her enigmatic husband, Max Rehbein (Armin Mueller-Stahl). As the unlikely relationship of Veronika and Krohn develops, he begins to uncover the dark secrets behind her fall.

Suggested by the true story of one of Fassbinder’s favorite actresses, German film star Sybille Schmitz (Dreyer’s Vampyr), Veronika Voss is a probing look at the darkest recesses of Germany’s postwar prosperity. It is at once a strangely poignant love story, a needle-sharp satire in the trappings of a classic melodrama, and one of the most breathtakingly stylish black and white films in modern cinema. Although its credits list this as “BRD 2,” and indicate that it is set in 1955, it was actually shot last in the series, right before Fassbinder made his final picture, Querelle.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Best regards, Marion

P.S. 12 September: Screening of Pina Bausch’s famous production “Cafe Mueller” (Wuppertaler Dance Company, 1978)


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