Memory in Africa follows on from the inaugural Memory Studies symposium held at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) in September 2013. This year, the event has been expanded and extended with over 30 presentations by scholars from across South Africa and beyond (see preliminary programme).

Memory Studies is a strongly emergent, multidisciplinary field of academic research internationally, but still underdeveloped in South Africa and the continent. This is despite the fact that memory has long played a pivotal role in some disciplines, notably history and political science, where it was often the foundation of alternative versions of the past, countering the official narratives promoted by the state. The majority of contributors to Memory in Africa emanate from the Humanities, Social Sciences and Education, notably the disciplines of history, heritage studies, religious studies, arts, literary studies and education with a focus on personal or autobiographical memory and collective forms of memory, including social memory, cultural memory, and political memory. A few presenters hail from the sciences and psychology, illustrating the truly interdisciplinary nature of Memory Studies, which much promise for mutual learning, truly innovative research and ground-breaking insights.

The purpose of Memory in Africa is to provide a platform for information sharing, critical debate and showcasing current research among scholars whose research is substantially focused on memory or informed by theoretical frameworks from the field of Memory Studies. It is most especially meant to provide inspiration to young, emergent academics and postgraduate students, whose participation is particularly welcome. For this reason, registration fees have been kept to absolute minimum. 

Keynote address on memory and trauma will be presented by Dr Sean Field, Department of Historical Studies, University of Cape Town, the former director of the Centre for Popular Memory.  

Date: 14-15 November 2014

Venue:  Howard College Theatre, Howard College Campus

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