The Centre for Civil Society based within the School of Built Environment and Development studies invites you to the seminar What’s Wrong with Russia’s Nuclear Energy Deal-making? by Vladimir Slivyak.

Date: Friday 4 September 2015
Time: 12h30 – 14h00
Venue: CCS Seminar Room 602, 6th Floor, MTB Tower, Howard College, University of KwaZulu-Natal

Topic: In conjunction with Earthlife Africa Durban, critical forces in civil society here are contemplating the prospect of a nuclear energy reactor in South Durban, on the supposed site of a R250 billion dig-out port-petrochemical expansion at the old airport. (The confusion over utilising this valuable land matches the policy confusion about the national energy mix.) The Moscow parastatal Rossatom is the apparent front-runner in an extremely untransparent, unsafe, unreliable, unaffordable and unnecessary $100 billion (R1.3 trillion) proposed purchase of eight reactors. Yet South Africa’s energy crisis – off the front pages temporarily due to load-shed curtailments (thanks to economic crisis) – is an opportunity to roll out clean, safe and affordable renewable energy for the people. For more information contact Delwyn Pillay: and Alice Thomson

Speaker: Vladimir Slivyak is from the Russian environmental group, Ecodefense and has for 25 years engaged in public interest work, especially campaigning on energy issues and promoting environmental education. He is a senior lecturer of environmental policy in the Higher School of Economics, in the National Research University. He authored Hiroshima to Fukushima, which analysed nuclear accident in Japan in 2011 (it was published by Russia’s largest publishing house, Eksmo, in 2012). He is best known in South Africa for leaking the secret Russian Intergovernmental Framework agreement to Earthlife Africa and the Mail & Guardian. Slivyak is bringing his vast experience of nuclear and Russian deals to the forefront of public debate in a country-wide tour.

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